Sonic Dessert Menu

There is a menu for everyone at sonic drive-in restaurants. There is breakfast, burgers, snacks, sides, coneys, hot dogs among other menus but one of my favorite is the dessert menu.

There are tons of cool deserts at sonic and the choice is absolutely yours on which one to order for. Sonic deserts are very rich in fats and calories and are obviously not recommended for people who don’t want to gain weight or are struggling loosing weight.

The following is a list of the top sonic dessert menu;

1. Large Butterfinger Sonic Blast
2. Large Peanut Butter Shake
3. Large Lemon Berry Slush
4. Hot Fudge Cake Sundae
5. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
6. Junior Banana Split
7. Barq’s Regular Root Beer Float
8. Small Cherry Slush

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