Sonic Drink Menu

There are quite a number of drinks that are available at sonic drive-in restaurants. There are more drink menus that you can wish for and you will be certain to find the perfect drink for you.

The following is a list of drink menus that you can find at all sonic locations across the United States;

1. Lemon Fruit Slush
2. Lemonberry Fruit Slush
3. Strawberry Fruit Slush
4. Lime Fruit Slush
5. Strawberry Island Breeze Slush
6. Pineapple Island Breeze Slush
7. Blue Coconut Slush
8. Cherry Slush
9. Minute Maid Cranberry Juice Slush
10. Watermelon Slush
11. Orange Slush
12. Grape slush
13. Strawberry Island Breeze Slush
14. POWERADE Mountain Blast Slush
15. Limeade
16. Low-Cal Diet Cherry Limeade
17. Cherry Limeade
18. Low-Cal Diet Limeade
19. Cranberry Limeade
20. Strawberry Limeade
21. Hi-C Fruit Punch
22. Sprite Zero
23. Unsweet Iced Tea
24. Sweet Green Iced Tea
25. Premium Roast Coffee

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