Sonic Kids Meals Menu

There is nothing enjoyable and exciting for kids as going outdoors with their parents and having their favorite meals. If you are planning to take your kids out, one of the must visit places is definitely a sonic drive-in restaurant. Once there, you can buy them their favorite meals and it’s almost certain that they will enjoy the experience.

Sonic has a variety of high quality, yummy, delicious and good tasting menus that are intended for kids. All these fantastic menus can be found in all their locations across the United states. Their prices are also pocket friendly and you don’t have to worry about matters cost even if you have a larger family and more mouths to feed.

The following is a list of some of the top kids meals menu that you can order in sonic restaurants;

1. Jr. Burger
2. Corn dog
3. Grilled Cheese
4. Chicken Strips
5. Plain Hot Dog
6. Apple Slices + Fat-Free Caramel Dipping Sauce
7. Tots
8. Fries
9. Variety of drinks
10. Grilled Cheese

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